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Shabby Chic Kitchen Designs

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The kitchen is the place where many women spend most of the time when they are home, and also the place where many families have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Therefore, the room must not only be equipped with useful appliances, but it also must have a wonderful design. Nowadays, many people go for a shabby style which is definitely a beautiful one. If you are interested in this style as well, then the following shabby chic kitchen ideas will certainly inspire you.

Create a wonderful and cozy room

You can easily create a wonderful and cozy room like the one in the above image if this is the style that you like. White is very common in shabby chic kitchen designs, and we can’t say that it doesn’t look absolutely spectacular. The furniture must be heavily painted through the years, and the decorations as well. If you decide to add some curtains, then you must go for fabrics like linen and cotton. Moreover, the chosen linen should be that type that it is inspired by old French linens. Linen in earth tones or vintage floral patterns with light colors are typical for such a design, and you should certainly go for them. As you can see in this image, white and beige go together nicely, and they create a comfortable and cozy environment.

Redesign your small kitchen

Even if your kitchen is small, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make it look wonderful. Gray is a color that fewer people choose for their kitchen, due to the fact that they think it is not right for such a room. They are definitely wrong, as this color looks absolutely amazing in a shabby chic kitchen. You must choose the lightest hue of gray for an incredible look. Again, you must choose cabinets that are heavily painted through the years, and decorations in the same category for an extra effect. Flowers and plants beautify any place. Therefore, they should not miss in this room either.

Choose blue for a fabulous look

A warm and friendly cooking space will be created if you choose to create a blue shabby chic kitchen. In a room like this, if the ceiling is high enough, then you must definitely go for a hanging chandelier like the one in this image. It looks spectacular without a doubt, and it will beautify the whole place. Create a small island in the middle, where you can prepare your meals or just enjoy a cup of coffee. In a room like this, you will feel relaxed and even if you have plenty of cooking to do you will certainly enjoy it.