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Should you post your crafts on the internet?

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Crafting is certainly a fun way of spending your free time, giving you the chance to relax, relive yourself from stress, and focus your energy and creativity on a productive and entertaining activity. If you have been occupying your free time with crafts for quite some time, perhaps you should start posting them on some online platforms, such as Craft Juice. Why is this option worth considering? Well, here are a few of the reasons:

Becoming a source of inspiration

The first reason why posting your handmade craft online is inspiring others through your work. If you have been making these types of items for a long time, you have probably developed certain skills, and enriched your creativity, meaning you have something to show to those who are just discovering this activity. Just how you probably received inspiration from more experienced crafters when you first started, you can now do the same for others. Moreover, the feeling you will get when you notice someone creating an object based on your work will most certainly be an enjoyable one.

Receiving feedback

Sometimes it can be difficult for people to be their own critics, especially when it comes to crafting projects. You might not notice a small detail that is perhaps affecting the design of your handmade designs, so receiving an unbiased opinion from a stranger can be quite useful. When posting your projects online, you gain the opportunity of getting feedback from all kinds of people, and even if not all of them might offer you useful advice, some of the opinions received will help you step up your crafting game and improve your designs. Relying on family or friends to tell you what they think about your crafts is risky, because their feedback will probably come from a subjective perspective, so think about this aspect more carefully.

Taking the first step towards a crafting business

Last but not least, if you have included crafting in your daily schedule, and you have a lot of handmade items around the house, why not sell them and make a profit? If you become popular on the internet for your skills and creativity, it will not take long until someone will want to purchase something made by you, and that will be the first step towards a potential profitable online business. If you are confident in your crafting abilities, your creativity, originality and talent, you can try to turn your passion into a full time job and actually gain money out of it.

If you enjoy crafting and are good at it, why not post pictures of your work on the internet? There are many websites out there that give you the opportunity to show your talent, and check the projects of other skilled crafters as well. Considering the advantages mentioned above, perhaps next time you create an amazing, one of a kind piece, you will snap a picture of it and post it on the right online platform. You will certainly not regret making your work public, so give it a try.