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Signs you need to hire a business coach now

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Running a business isn’t easy. There a hundreds of processes to plan out every week, employees to supervise, numbers to keep track of and obstacles to overcome. Sometimes, managers learn the ropes quite quickly and get used to solving issues on their own, without outside help. However, there are also situations when issues become very complicated and you need to hire a coach. There are many companies that offer these services, such as Coaching For Change, so if you experience any of the following signs, you should definitely get in touch.

You feel paralysed and overwhelmed by business problems

Business problems are an inevitable part of a manager’s life, but if you cannot run your activities normally and you feel overwhelmed by all the complications that come your way, then it’s time to get advice from a coach. The feeling that you are paralysed and helpless when facing the smallest impediment should be experienced by a successful entrepreneur, so if you recognise yourself in this description, then it’s time for a change.

You need honest feedback from a professional

Everyone needs feedback, including the manager. If you have an idea or a concern, but don’t want to talk to someone from inside the company because you feel that their opinion might be biased or that they could share it with an external party, then a coach can help. Business coaches sign confidentiality agreements, which means that all the information you give them about your company will not be shared with anyone. Plus, all their feedback is informed, professional and, most of all, honest.

You’re having trouble implementing ideas

Entrepreneurs are visionaries, people with dreams, ambitions and ideas. They’re always thinking of new ways to grow their business and maximise productivity. Unfortunately, there is a huge step between dreaming and implementation and many brilliant ideas don’t materialise because managers don’t have the courage or initiative to take action. A coach can help you make this step and gain the confidence to apply your innovative business plans.

You work hard, but there’s no evolution

You put your heart and soul into your business, spend 12 hours a day at work, go to work at the weekends, sacrifice your social and personal life, and yet things don’t move forward at all and you’re stuck in a never-ending circle. Working hard doesn’t necessarily lead to progress, but working smart does. To spend your time and money more efficiently, hire a business coach.