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Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

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If you have a small apartment it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it look like the neat paradise that you always dreamed of. Therefore, read the following lines to find out some great decorating ideas for small apartments and use them to turn your small apartment into a cute and spacious looking one.

Use light colors

The easiest decorating trick that you can use to make your apartment seem bigger is to use light colors for the floors and the walls. Also, allow the light to enter during the day. Any bright space seems bigger than it actually is. If you use white, cream, or beige for the walls and the floors, you will create this visual effect and your once humble and small apartment will finally look spacious.

Place a mirror opposite a window

Mirrors aren’t only great to check your image in them. If you place a mirror on the wall that is on the opposite side of the windows, the light will reflect in it. Therefore, the room will be better lit. Also, due to the fact that you hang a mirror on the wall, the entire room will look bigger because the objects will be reflected in it.

Add greenery to liven up the place

Greenery is an essential decorative piece that mustn’t miss from any room of your small apartment. Plants and flowers add life to the decor and they give a playful vibe to the environment as well. Also, you will breathe clean air if you fill the space with greenery. Therefore, add the plants and flowers that you love all around the rooms of your small apartment and give the decor and your health a much-needed boost.

Use floating shelves as storage spaces

Instead of crowding the living room with bookcases, use floating shelves as storage spaces. You will win a lot of floor space if you place floating shelves on the walls. In the floating shelves, you can put everything you would have normally put in a bookcase. Also, they make great decorative additions if you place souvenirs and other decoration pieces that you own.

Add vertical stripes on the walls or curtains

A great trick that you can use to make the rooms look bigger and the walls taller is to paint the walls in vertical stripes or to hang curtains that have vertical stripes. The best combinations that you can use are between white and a bright and lively color like red, green, purple, or blue for the stripes. If you add this decorative element, the rooms will reflect your playful and creative side better.