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Stay safe when you’re dating online

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According to the latest research, more and more couples get happily married after meeting their soul mates on social media or on dating sites. These platforms bring likeminded people together, eliminating distance and helping those who can’t find a partner the traditional way. However, dating sites can be both a blessing and a curse. You can find romantic, trustworthy people with good intentions and at the same time you can find trolls, scams, con artists who want to hurt you. This shouldn’t discourage you from enjoying the benefits of online dating, but you should learn how to spot the signs of suspicious online behaviour. The experts from Are They Safe share their top tips on how to recognise dangerous individuals on the web and stay safe while you’re dating online.

Stop all contact when you notice these signs

Many people set up fake accounts to scam unsuspecting date seekers online, but you can learn to spot them and not get caught. As soon as you spot one of these signs, stop all contact with them and block them, because you’re exposing yourself to many risks:

  • Your online date insists on meeting you very quickly, before you get to know each other better, to the point of becoming pushy and intrusive
  • They ask you a lot of personal questions without revealing anything about themselves
  • Your date talks a lot about traumatic events in their life. This could be a tactic to make you feel sorry for them and eventually ask you for money
  • Things are moving too quickly. Even though you’ve just met, your date tells you they love you and want to start a serious relationship
  • Your date doesn’t have a clear profile picture or, on the contrary, the picture simply looks too good or they have entire albums of themselves in luxury locations. A reverse image check on Google Images is the first step to ensure that the photo wasn’t stolen from someone else

Use online dating checks

Most online scammers aren’t patient enough to set up elaborate, time consuming plans on online dating sites and they reveal their true face sooner or later. However, if your casual online date turned into a serious relationship and you are considering marriage, there should be no room for doubt. To know for sure that you’re getting married to the same person you met, and not some mysterious scammer who’s trying to double cross you, hire an investigator for an online dating check. The first thing they’ll do is check that your date doesn’t lie about their identity/address and doesn’t have a hidden, second life. This includes a potential lover or worse, a carefully concealed family. Apart from identity, they can also check if your date has a criminal history or debts they are not telling you about. Many online dating profiles are legitimate and maybe there is nothing to worry about, but if you have the slightest doubt, it’s best to act early and uncover dark secrets before it’s too late.