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Stylish decorations you can create with ribbon

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Giving your home décor a fresh touch from time to time is necessary, but replacing furniture items or buying decorations from designer shops is not exactly financially wise. However, you have another great alternative to opt for – DIY decorations. There are many projects you can do, without putting in too much effort, or needing extraordinary skills. The easiest decorations to create, and ones that will have that wow-effect to them include ribbons. You can easily purchase wholesale ribbons online at affordable prices, so money will not be an issue. Here are a few simple ideas to start with:

Ribbon scraps turned into art

Everyone has some scraps of ribbons left, either from Christmas decorations or gift wrapping. Because they are too pretty to throw away, you probably have a box filled with many ribbon scraps you no longer use. Well, why not put them to good use and turn them into a piece of art? All you need is a frame, and some ribbon leftovers – glue the scraps onto the frame and create a geometrical or abstract pattern, and hang it somewhere in your living room. It will add a beautiful splash of colour to the area.  

Ribbon lined sofa pillows

You can transform any boring cushion into a colourful decoration just by adding a few straps of ribbon to it. You can add a trim of ribbon and make your cushions more fashionable and appealing. Use your imagination, and sew the pieces of ribbon just the way you think they will look best.

Curtain ties

While not requiring any effort or skills, a ribbon curtain tie will give an instant style upgrade to your bedroom, and a colourful vibe. Choose a few straps of ribbon, preferably in more than one colour, and use them to tie your curtain, and make sure to create a big bow. You will be surprised how beautiful a curtain tie of this kind will actually look.

Even if you might not have thought ribbon as a DIY supply, it can actually be used to create a wide range of amazing interior design elements that will beautify your home considerably. These are only three of the many decorations you can create yourself, regardless how advanced your DIY skills might or might not be. You can think about other ideas yourself, or look on the internet for more inspiration, but remember that you need to use high quality ribbon in order for the result to be the ones you expect.