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The Proper Way of Securing Your Garage

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If you want to make sure that your property and family are safe, it’s not enough to secure your home. You have to secure the garage as well. After all, it’s an entrance to your house as well. Also, you keep your car and probably a lot of expensive and important tools in it. To make sure that your garage is secured, read the following lines and apply what you find out here.

Use the LiftMaster 8550 Elite Series

The first step towards securing your garage is to read a top garage door openers comparison and choose one of the most secure garage door openers. We did a little research on this matter, and if you don’t feel like spending a lot of hours analyzing the garage door opener market, you can go with our recommendation: the LiftMaster 8550 Elite Series garage door opener. It can be yours for the price of $215. After you install this garage door opener, you won’t ever lift a finger again to open and close the garage door. You can sit in the comfort of your car while the mechanism does it for you after you simply push a button.

The Liftmaster stands out in any top garage door openers comparison, due to its sturdy construction and innovative features. When there’s a power outage, you don’t have to worry about the device not working. Due to the fact that it has a backup battery, you can still use the garage door opener for another 40 minutes. When it comes to safety, by far the most important feature is the fact that it makes the door impossible to open by others. It does this with the help of the Security+ 2.0 system that resets the code to the opener every time you open the door. Also, you won’t ever have to worry about the safety of your child, pet, or belongings with its help. The sensors of the garage door opener feel when an object is in the path of the door and they don’t allow the door to close on that object until its removed from the path.

Don’t neglect the maintenance of your garage door

Make sure to not neglect the maintenance of the mechanical parts of your garage door. Look out for corrosion or any other problem that alerts you to the fact that a piece needs to be changed. Also, make sure to always check on the door from your garage to your house. If by any chance someone enters your garage, at least, the door can be a final measure of security.

Install the Netgear Arlo Security System VMS3230

To keep a close eye on the garage door opener, you should install the Netgear Arlo Security System VMS3230 security camera. You can install one on the outside of the garage to make sure that you survey the area. It will cost you only $350 to buy this device. It provides with 720p quality videos. You can check on what is happening around the garage even when you’re not at home with the help of your smartphone. Also, when the security camera senses motion or sounds, it alerts you over your phone for you to check on the situation.