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There are limitless options when you want to design a living room

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Creating the interior of your own house can be a thrilling job, and you should do your best to add a special touch to your home. And in case you do not know you will have to start the designing process by painting the walls. If you want to impress everyone with the look of your house, then you should consider adding one wow feature to your room in order to make it fabulous. One option would be to decorate one of the walls with a mural. Make sure your walls have personality. Your walls are your blank canvas, and all you have to do is to add some colors on them. Here are some key steps to follow if you want to make your living room the focal point of your house.

What style do you prefer?

A mural is an interesting feature to bring to your house, but you will have to see it every day, so you have to make sure that you choose something you will find comfortable to have in your house on long term. The most popular choices are murals with botanical models, being those beautiful peonies or dramatic flowers combined with birds and insects. Before deciding the model of the mural you should establish the color palette. This wall will be the one that will bring the scheme of the house together, so you will have to offer it special attention.

Decide what the size of the mural will be

The majority of people chose an entire wall mural wallpaper, but if you do not like this idea, then you can opt for a mural on a more compact space. But if you want the impact of the mural to be a great one, then you should go big. Another amazing idea to make a statement when using a mural in your living room, is to split it into multiple panels.

Are you ready to bring this change to your house?

When designing a mural in the living room you will have to decide which one of the walls will play the main role in the process. You will need to choose the one that is flat and that will look better when painted. There are multiple types of murals on the market, so you can opt for one that has an adhesive back or for one that can be installed with the help of wet pasting. If it would be to install the mural into your bathroom or kitchen, then you would have the possibility to use ceramic tiles to create it.

How to create the room design around the mural

You will have to make sure that the mural is part of the theme you have chosen for the living room. The furniture items should stay in the same color scheme and complement it. Pay extra attention to lighting fixtures because they will help you highlight the mural, and focus on certain items you choose to use when decorating the room. If you want to bring texture and depth to your living room, then a wood inspired theme is perfect.