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Tips for Putting a Stop to Binge Drinking Habits

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One of the biggest problems with binge drinking habits is the way in which he usually isn’t until you are well and truly in the depths of a problematic habit that you realise you have one of. It’s the same with all the kinds of alcohol dependency and addiction – it’s not as if you set out with the intention of developing a problem, though find yourself in a position where changes need to be made. Not only this, but a rather extensive proportion of binge drinkers either do not believe they have a problem at all or are unaware of the fact that their habits are as dangerous as they really are.

According to the experts at, binge drinking culture in the United Kingdom is largely out of control. As time passes, more and more adults and youngsters of all ages are taking their health and safety into their own hands by frequently and often deliberately consuming excessive amounts of alcohol in a single session. But at the same time, more people than ever before admit that they are both aware of the dangers they are putting themselves in and would like to make changes.

Easier said than done? Not necessarily – here’s a quick overview of just a few tips from the experts on how to put a stop to binge drinking habits:

1 – Accept You Have a Problem

First of all, and just as is the case with all other types of alcohol abuse, up to accept that you have a problem in order to begin addressing it. The reason being that if you genuinely do not believe you have a problem, you cannot realistically expect to do anything about it. Once you begin thinking about the incredible harm that’s being done to your body each time you get carried away, it becomes much easier to find the motivation to put a stop to binge drinking. You may not necessarily be in a position where you need professional rehab, but chances are you would like to put an end to those crippling hangovers that are blighting your existence.

2 – Identify Your Triggers

More often than not, binge drinking is the result of exposure to any number of triggers that can set in motion a chain reaction of events. Some of the most common and obvious as examples of the triggers include nightclubs, drinking games, concerts, sporting events, house parties, and so on. In fact, it often gets to a point where you find yourself unable to consider any of these things without associating them with excessive alcohol consumption. Suffice to say therefore, one of the most effective ways of eliminating binge drinking from your life is to identify and manage your own personal triggers. If you can stay away from them, kicking the habit will be much easier for you.

3 – Smaller Sizes

Another relatively easy way of significantly cutting down how much you drink in any given session is to begin drinking smaller measures. If you usually drink pints of beer at an extremely rapid pace, considered making the switch to half pint or smaller bottles. Likewise, if you prefer to drink spirits and mixers, an easy way to cut down is to simply start ordering single measures instead of doubles. Not only will you save a fortune and consume 50% less alcohol at the same time, a chances are you will not notice any difference whatsoever in terms of taste. Not only this, but you’ll also avoid peer pressure as those around you won’t notice any difference.

4 – Social Circles

Speaking of peer pressure, exactly who you decide to spend your time with can and will make an enormous difference when it comes to the amount of alcohol you consume. There will always be those people in your life for whom nothing matters more than getting as drunk as possible and ensuring that everyone else around them also gets as drunk as possible. Suffice to say, if you are genuinely looking to move away from home for alcohol consumption habits, it may also be necessary to begin moving away from the kinds of individuals who are clearly bad influences on you.

5 – Tactical Eating and Drinking

Last but not least, for purely logistical reasons it is extremely difficult to go over the top with alcohol consumption if you already have a full belly. More specifically tactical eating and consumption of non-alcoholic drinks throughout any given session can make it fundamentally less likely that you will succumb to binge drinking. The reason being that your desire and ability to consume copious amounts of alcohol will naturally decrease, when and where there isn’t a great deal of space left inside you.