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Tips to not get your money on a fake astrologer

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The biggest fear people have when they want to see an astrologer is not to pay money to a fake one, who would not offer them genuine information. And you might think that you have plenty reasons to do so, but you have to understand that you would not be scammed by a fake astrologer, if you pay attention to some details. In the majority of cases, people just go with the first person they found online, and who asks for a lower price, so partly is their fault that they do not do some research before paying money for a reading. If you want to find an Indian Pandit Sydney who is worth your money and time, you should pay attention to some details, because they are the ones that show you if you should contact that person or not.

Meet your astrologer in person

The majority of astrologers are willing to meet you in person, so you know for sure that they are genuine practitioners, because they take all the responsibility of the things they say to you. When you meet with them, you should not begin the conversation, by asking them questions about your future, and soul mate, you should ask them about their certificate and references, because you have to be sure that they have some knowledge in the domain. Also, keep in mind that there are some astrologers, who are self- taught, so in this case they would not show you a certificate, but they could offer you contacts of people they have collaborated before, and meetings they have attended for perfect their knowledge.

Understand what an astrologer can and cannot do

You should not have an unrealistic view of the things an astrologer is able to do, because the majority of people imagine they would find the answer to all their problems, when they are meeting one. So the first thing you have to realise is that an astrologer would not be able to solve the personal problems you are dealing with. You should expect from them to recommend you counselling and offer you advice if your current situation overwhelms you. Also, if you get in touch with an astrologer who insists in you buying a reading, or who sends you repeat messages that make you feel uncomfortable, you should not choose the person, because there are great chances for them to not be trustworthy.

Aspects to look for when searching an astrologer

You should know that a genuine astrologer would not state in their website that they are a medium or psychic, because astrology is something they learn, it does not come from their psychic. In addition, if an astrologer starts talking to you about stars, you should know that they do not have a clue about this practice, because they should tell you about your planets. A real one would ask you about some personal details, as the place, date and time when you were born, and they would also tell you that these are important facts they should know in order to offer you a clear reading.