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Top interior design trends for the future year

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Planning to remodel your house soon? Then you definitely need to stay up to date with the trends that will be in the center of attention next year. What was popular during the past few years definitely suffered a big flip-over. Today, trends seem to be entirely opposite from what people know, and – in order to obtain professional-like interior design outcomes – you must pay attention to the following trends:

Personalized spaces

Neutral spaces are completely forgotten. Places that are highly personalized are now the focus of interior design. That’s why people started to engage in DIY projects more than ever. Remodeling old furniture, using different materials like the ones you can find on to come up with a unique decoration piece, following the steps you can find online to embellish your house walls – everything that involves imagination and pouring your personality into it is worth a try.

Minimalism is gone

Minimalism is no longer a thing either. Even though it was the only thing that all people considered beautiful in the past, maximalism took its place. The future year seems to be all about modern maximalism, which is supposed to combine less interior design items with more personal items. For instance, overhauling is totally in. Even though the furniture still has that minimal look people are used to, it is meant to show more. This trend was popular in the ‘80s, but it came back with an amazing force. Mixed media and layering are the essential characteristics of a true maximalist look.

Wallpaper is back

Remember when everyone was avoiding wallpaper? These days are gone. Even though we’re not talking about sparkly, kitsch wallpaper, some variations of it are quite popular these days. People are now focusing on textured wallpaper of all colours. The rawer it is, the more likely people will include it into their interior design. Plus, wallpaper keeps the walls safe and gives a touch of luxury to all homes. Tribal motifs and patterns are two of the wallpaper designs that should be followed during the next year.

Saturated instead of neutral

As mentioned in the first paragraph, neutral is not exactly what people expect in the next year. That’s why you should select saturated colour palettes instead. More vibrant hues are meant to give houses personality and a welcoming ambiance. The colour of the year 2018 was a vibrant shade of red, and people expect the next nuance for the following year.