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Transform the interiors of your home with these unusual decorations

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If your home starts to cause a feeling of boredom, it means that is time for a change. Do not worry, you do not have to waste your time and money through different stores that provide common decorations because you can use skills in order to handmade several unusual decorations that will transform the interiors of your home drastically. Moreover, your guests will fall in love instantly with your intricate and unusual designs. Practically, you have the opportunity to contribute personally to your home improvement.

Decorate the walls and the doors

This idea might seem too much at the beginning but have you ever considered upholstering your walls with ribbon? Many online retailers like can provide all types of ribbon and you have to admit that it definitely represents a bold statement that will raise everyone’s interest. The cool thing is that you can write positive messages or poems small pieces of paper and tuck them in there. When you want to change them or they simply take control over your wall, you can easily remove them. You will transform your wall into a great canvas. Speaking of walls, instead of painting common stuff like flowers, you can paint an artistic ribbon. Another idea is to create a wall from ribbons. If you feel bold and extravagant, you can gather colorful ribbons and hang them from the ceiling or you can stick to just one simple shade. For the doors, you can handmade several wreaths by adding flowers or ribbons and hang them on the inside or on the outside.

Embellish the furniture and other elements

Take furniture decoration to another level with big and elegant satin ribbons. If you have black pieces of furniture, use white or silver ribbons for contrast and tie them around chairs or the bed. If your furniture has a light shade like cream or white, use ribbons in strong colors or with intricate patterns. Regarding other elements in your home, you should not neglect them. For instance, place bouquets of natural flowers from your garden if you have one in every room for refinement and freshness. According to their size, you can put them in long glass vases or small jars, wrap them with ribbons the same color as the flowers and add water. You will go from plain to unusual in minutes. If you like to feel warm in the evenings, use candles and embellish the holders with sparkling lace ribbon.