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Turn your attic into a bedroom – easy steps

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An attic is often the place in which you usually store your belongings, such as second-hand things, antique furniture, vintage clothing and shoes, books, photographs as well as random files, and finally, items which you do not use anymore. But what people actually forget is that an attic can easily be transformed into an extra bedroom, an office room, a fun game room, a living room or a dressing room. In other words, if you are looking for more space, leave your basement and garage behind. Instead, focus on turning your attic into a bedroom, because an attic has typically enough space and also, transforming your attic into an inhabited room actually turns it into a less scary place. And let’s be honest! Who does not need an extra room? Of course, if you intend not to use the new bedroom, you can keep it for unexpected, overnight guests for they will definitely be impressed with your idea.

Figure out exactly how you would like the new bedroom to look like

Before actually starting to transform your attic into a bedroom, make sure that you know exactly what you want to do with all that extra space. Think about the layout, the furniture, where the light switches will go or if there is enough space for your bed. If you want to be sure that everything will work just fine, it is important to know the locations and sizes of everything. Moreover, when talking about an attic bedroom, you will need to make the best out of every inch of space. Finally, you do not have to decorate your attic bedroom with a lot of decorations. Instead, try making DIY projects. For example, you can find affordable ribbons and make some easy, beautiful and innovative DIY projects that will beautify your new bedroom.


Angled ceilings, walls, floors, and windows

A major problem when converting your attic into a bedroom is the ceiling that limits the available space, so in order to create a more interesting room, paint your ceiling with an eye-catching colour. As for the walls, you will surely want the room to appear bigger. Thus, you should paint the walls in white. Moreover, the windows play an important role when it comes to an attic bedroom, so make sure you install the right windows for your space. Finally, you should opt for carpeting the floors, because carpeting absorbs sounds.


The right furniture

When it comes to furniture, make sure you choose something that is not too big for your attic. Of course, you may want to buy a bed, a closet, a dressing table and two night tables to go right next to your bed, but it is best to take measurements of the furniture pieces and place them wisely.