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Turning 70 – What to do next?

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You have just tuned 70 years of age and you do not know how to make the transition from one phase to the other. Fortunately for you, you are not the only one. There are many people that are confused about their future and literally have no idea about what they should be doing next. Do you know what you and they should be doing at such an advanced age? Whatever you are passionate about. This is the time to live your life as you wish as there is no more pressure. So, if you wanted to start a blog when you were young, you should consider starting this project now. Look at how well sites like are doing. This is just one of the fun things you can do.

Saving blogging for old age

Most people would recommend not to saving blogging for old age, but it is better late than never. Blogging is a matter of fact one of the best things you can do after tuning 70 years of age. Why? The reason why you should definitely start writing is that you will become more aware of the things around you, not to mention that you can share your experiences wits others like you. As a matter of fact, it is a shame not to make use of your experiences and resources. Thanks to writing, you will feel more alive as you will experience another form of living. Many people have proved that it is never too late to begin doing the things you like. This does not mean though that you should jump into the publishing biz, but rather that you can spend enjoyable years writing.

Seeing everything as if it was the first time

If you are still not convinced about what writing can do for you, you should know that it can show you reality clearly. You will literally feel like you were looking at things for the very first time. By reminiscing about the last vacation you spent abroad, you will actually view the entire experience and the world in a completely different way. Even if you do not suddenly view the world in a useful light, someone else might. Blogging is as simple as brushing your teeth, so you have no excuse when it comes writing. Surprising as it may seem, your blog will get traffic and there is no way of knowing what people may contact you.

Blogging is not a solitary exercise

Writing in general is a solitary exercise, but not the same thing can be said about blogging. As opposed to writing, blogging results in many contacts. The people who read the articles that you have posted will not resist the temptation of getting in touch with you. The likelihood is that you will not get any achievement, but you may possibly get friends for life. The point is that if you are feeling lonely because your family has moved, blog and find yourself some fans. You will not regret it.