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Turning a studio apartment into a sanctuary – things to keep in mind

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Most teenagers decide to move to studio apartments after graduation since the rent is much lower and more accessible for them as they are at the beginning of their careers. However, living in a small studio apartment does not necessarily mean that you have to keep everything simple and minimalist. Be creative, look for companies that provide high quality furniture at reasonable prices, as it is the case of and turn your studio apartment into a sanctuary where you can relax and have some fun with your friends as well, so here are some useful tips.

Choose the furniture carefully

When decorating a studio apartment, it is highly important to pay great attention to the furniture you select, since it has to perfectly fit the space. Make sure it is neither too small, nor too big, because it will make the room appear smaller than it actually is. Do some research on the internet in order to find some inspiration or ask for some professional advice from the company where you intend to buy your furniture.

Do not be afraid of patterns

Many people are afraid of resorting to a specific pattern when it comes to studio apartments, since they believe that the space is too small for such things. You can be adventurous and creative in a small space too, so experiment with various colours, patterns and designs and make the room more welcoming. For instance, you can go for wallpapering the room with some dramatic patterned paper in order to make the apartment look larger.

Do not leave your bed out in the open

When it comes to placing the bed in such small space, many people decide to simply put it out in the open, but this is another mistake that should be avoided. Create some visual separation by placing some cabinets or even some folding screens in order to make it look like there are more rooms inside of one.

Bring the unique touch

After you have decided upon the right furniture for your room, it is time to bring that unique touch that makes the entire space match your personality type. Choose the decorations that best fit your space and desires and make the apartment more personal. If you want, you can even engage in some DIY projects and create the decorations yourself. The only thing you have to do in this case is to let your imagination run wild.