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Typical Home Lighting Errors You Might Be Making

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Is there really such a thing as a “mistake” when we talk about interior design? Strictly speaking, the answer would be no – as long as you yourself are happy with the result, who is to declare what is right and wrong? Nevertheless, the same can’t be really said about home lighting as if you’d like to get the most out of your interior décor and home presentation, it is important to be thoughtful and proactive when it comes to interior lighting.

The fact of the matter is that if the importance of home lighting is overlooked, the overall feel and look of the home could be diluted quite seriously. Therefore, rather than simply going for the first example of designer lighting that comes your way, it is a much better idea to follow a few tips from the experts regarding making the very best choices.

And as it is usually preferable to learn from the errors of others rather than making mistakes yourself, here is a short overview of the most typical interior lighting mistakes that you might be already guilty of:

1 – Only One Light Source Used

First up, tip number one provided by interior design professionals on the subject of home lighting is to always think of it in several layers. Simply put, using just one light source in any given room of the home is the exact opposite of what you need to be doing. Interior lighting should be considered in three layers – primary ambience lighting, practical task lighting and last but not least decorative accent lighting. However you think about it, you can’t expect to get the most out of your home atmosphere and its interior design unless you’re willing to consider all three. You would be amazed what a huge difference a few additional light sources could make.

2 – Not Much Light in Small Areas

There are basically thousands of homeowners up and down the United Kingdom who find themselves frustrated all the time by the fact that they cannot find what it is they’re looking for in closets, pantries, wardrobes and cupboards. These days all that does not really make any sense as while these are all places that are usually starved of light, it would cost next to nothing to put simple LED strips or lights and illuminate even the darkest of corners. This is the type of a small touch that has the potential to make a noticeable difference right away.

3 – Warm Light or Cool Light?

This a common mistake that applies on both sides of the fence as how appropriate warm or cool lighting is will be determined by different aspects of the room. From the size and shapes to the colour palette of the walls to the pieces of furniture and so on, it isn’t as easy as simply choosing any bulb and expecting it to do a great job in your home. It is in reality a pretty tricky subject, but once you understand the basics of what you need for the specific room in question, you will know exactly how to go about the lighting. Check out the tips and tricks online regarding the colour, size and overall design of your room.

4 – Not Using Dimmer Switches

Nowadays, there is really no excuse why any home should go without dimmer switches. They are not only extremely affordable and fantastically easy to install, but the way in which they offer you full control over the dynamic and mood of any given room is really quite amazing. Over and above buying the most expensive and fancy lighting fittings and fixtures in the world, there is really nothing out there that could breathe new life into a room quite like a dimmer switch.

5 – Preferring Form Over Function

Last up, while it is true to say that the lighting fittings and fixtures you buy for your home will play a crucial role in the overall style of your rooms, it is of critical importance to realise that their primary function is indeed to provide light. Therefore, be mindful of falling into the trap of preferring form over function as you may end up with a home full of light sources that look great, but are not in any way fit for purpose at night.