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Unique Modern Garden Designs

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A modern garden should include elegant items in a variety of shapes that create innovative designed meant to attract one’s eye. It’s a garden consisting of stylish objects and decorations that are easy to take care of. Check out or suggestions of unique modern gardens and get your inspiration for your new garden landscaping.

  • This modern garden is a combination of a pool area, a relaxation area, and plenty of gorgeous plants that blend into a sophisticated design. The modern accents are brought by the glass wall that separates the pool from the rest of the garden, the stylish rocky walls with the gorgeous futuristic fireplace, and the stylish furniture with metallic accents. Nevertheless, this modern garden matches the tastes of sophisticated people who love luxury and comfort.
  • What makes this garden design absolutely stunning is the gorgeous swimming pool with water coming out of the stone wall, which becomes the centerpiece of the entire landscape. The rest of the design is completed by a wooden pergola that protects the Jacuzzi area and a large sofa for a comfortable sitting area. The garden is decorated with a tall green wall and is paved with large marble pieces.
  • This modern garden design combines a variety of materials and textures that make it look unique without being overly cluttered. We have wood in the deck and the background fence, stone in the pavement, two types of gravel that decorate some parts of the garden, and plenty of greenery. Although this garden includes plenty of accents, the overall aspect is clean, just like a modern garden should be.
  • This is a unique garden that embodies luxury, taste, and elegance into a clean design consisting of simple yet effective details. First, there is the large glass box placed in the center of the garden to attract the attention. Then, there are two water features in two different shapes that add the garden an interesting air, and we can’t forget about the stone decorations and the white gravel that sits along the plants. Everything is completed by areas of dark green lawn and pavement, many decorative plants, and a relaxation area.
  • This modern terrace is great for those who prefer a low maintenance garden as there are little plants to take care of and everything is designed with easy to clean and maintain materials. The terrace is covered in gray tiles and the pieces of furniture are weatherproof and easy to clean. The design is completed by a large tree and some large plants that require little care.