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Updating the packaging process to improve performance

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While it may not seem like something that’ll pose any type of challenge for a business, packaging is an important part of the process and can pose some serious problems if you don’t get it right. Therefore, although it can seem like an afterthought, you should treat it as anything but. Once you think about it thoroughly, you’ll realize packaging can have many issues, such as empty space, excessive fillers and non-recyclable materials. Not only do these hold the potential to jeopardize product quality, they’ll also affect your reputation among customers. 

When you take these factors into account, it’s pretty plain to see that packaging is serious business for your enterprise. Here are some of the ways in which you can ensure that it yields the best performance and helps your company stay at the top of its game. 


There’s nothing more grating for customers than receiving an item in packaging that doesn’t fit the product well. More often than not, businesses go overboard with packaging, placing the merchandise in extremely large boxes which leave a lot of empty, unoccupied space. Not only is this a bad thing because there’s a waste of materials (since the packaging will most likely not be reused by the recipient), it’s also risky during transportation as it allows the content to move around, which can lead to damage. 


Safety is a very important part of product integrity. Your clients won’t appreciate receiving items that have become broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged during transit. Choosing packaging material that’s too flimsy and can’t offer the required support might leave you with no choice but to offer full refunds time and time again. Strength and durability are very important aspects to take in mind when choosing a material for your packaging, as is the weight and volume. You can’t go wrong with biodegradable options such as sturdy cardboard, if your products permit it, and if you want to add some additional safety precautions, you can add the tried-and-tested bubble wrap to the mix. 


If you want to have good packaging, you need to pick a good filling machine to get the job done. You should choose a fyllemaskiner with a capacity that fits your business’s needs, ranging from 800 to 1600 liters per hour. Ideally, you’ll want to go for something that fits all types of viscosity and operates with a semi-automatic corkscrew to make things easier for you. Labelcraft is also important and should be an integral part of the packaging process. 

You’ll also want to kontrollvekter, before you make anything available for sale and purchase. Determining the weight of the package is one of the prerequisite terms of delivery. When you choose a good scale, you can also benefit from percentage weighing. 

Although it isn’t at the forefront of the priorities for many business owners, packaging is actually very important. If you haven’t yet come out with a definitive strategy for yours, it’s not too late to start.