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Wedding favours you cannot go wrong with

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Weddings are a time of joy and celebration, but as the bride, you are probably stressing yourself over every single detail. You probably want to give your guests the opportunity of having a great time, and to remember this event with joy. Well, one aspect that you should not overlook is choosing wedding favours. These items are a great way to show those attending the wedding that you appreciate them being there, and want to surprise them with a little something instead. From personalised wedding gift bags to flower lollipops, you can choose between a wide variety of options. Here are just a few ideas you might like, and cannot go wrong with:

Gift bags

What could be a more easy, convenient and enjoyable option than a gift bags. Handling this type of favour to each of your guests will certainly be appreciated. A gift bag that contains candy, sweets or any other small treats, will make a great wedding favour. Nowadays, you have the possibility of buying these bags online, so you will not have to put much time and effort into this task. Moreover, you can choose a personalised option, if you have particular desires regarding what the bag should contain.

Candle jar

If you are looking for a romantic and chic option, a candle jar is the perfect choice. You can customize them with a personal message, or the date of your wedding, and your guests will have something that remind them of this lovely occasion. Candle jars are a classic yet appreciated wedding favour idea, so you will not be making an unsuitable choice.

Personalised bottle openers

A more unconventional and unique option would be a personalised bottle opener. If you want to surprise people with something they have never received at a wedding, then this is the way to go. What can you not like about a bottle opener? And if it is personalised, the better. You can look online for more inspiration, to see if this option is really the right one for you.

With your wedding coming up, you probably have an extensive lists\ of tasks on your mind, but you still need to give your wedding favours some attention too. There are many great, inexpensive ideas you can use, ones that your guests will love. Now that you have a few options to think about, you can choose the one that suits your desires best. So treat your guests with the perfect gifts.