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What Type of Air Purifier Should You Use at Home?

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A scary truth is that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Therefore, you have to look for a solution to clean the air that you are breathing when you’re at home and the best solution is to use an air purifier. But what type of air purifier should you use to provide with clean air indoors? Read the following lines to find out and buy a quality air purifier that will perfectly serve your needs.

Why do you need the air purifier?

If you or a household member suffer from asthma or allergies, you have to buy an air purifier that uses HEPA filters. These filters efficiently remove up to 99.97% of contaminants that are as small as 0.3 microns. HEPA filters are regarded as being the most effective air purifiers on the market. Even if you don’t have any household members that suffer from asthma or allergies, you should still buy and use an air purifier that has HEPA filters. After all, the whole point of using the air purifier is to breathe clean air and only by investing in a professional unit can you ensure that you won’t fill your lungs with contaminants anymore.

What size should it have?

Before you head to the store to buy the air purifier, make good measurements of the room that the unit will be placed in. Measure the length and the width of the room and multiply the values with each other. This way you find out the square footage of the room that needs to be purified of contaminants. After you determine what is the size of the room in which you want to place the air purifier, you can head to the store. By taking these measurements you can go directly for the types of air purifiers that interest you, therefore, you won’t waste a lot of time shopping for the perfect one. Also, you will be ensured that the unit can handle the surface of the room that you’re going to use it in.

What features would be useful for me?

When it comes to air purifiers, added features can include remote controls, caster wheels, multiple fan speeds, programmable timers, digital controls, filter change indicators and air quality sensors. All the features that we mentioned not only add convenience to the operation but they offer you a greater control over the air purifier’s performance as well.

Where should the air purifier be placed?

When you’re at home, you most probably spend a big portion of your time in the kitchen and in the bedroom. But no matter what room or rooms you spend most of your time in, you have to consider whether it’s better to buy an air purifier for each room or a single unit that you carry around with you and place it where it’s needed the most. If you need to purify the air in your entire house, an alternative to buying an air purifier for each room is to invest in a whole house air purifier. You save a lot of space and money if you buy it. Also, you will have clean and contaminant-free air in your entire house.