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What you should know about health, maternity and paternity insurance

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The Health Insurance Funds offer health, maternity and paternity insurance in France. From January 2016 there was created a universal healthcare system that covers different healthcare costs for the persons who are working and the ones who have been residing in France. To qualify for this healthcare coverage, the claimant must have worked more than 150 hours during the last three months preceding the period they leave from work. In case the claimant needs to receive cash benefits after 6 months on sick leave, they must have worked more than 600 hours during the previous year. This new healthcare insurance system will cover expenses for the insured people and their dependents but also cash benefits for insured persons. If you want to find more details on the way the system functions, then they should do some online research.

Why is the healthcare insurance so important?

The insurance will cover the paramedical and medical expenses, but also the needed medicines and orthopedic appliances. There are multiple online platforms that offer details regarding this aspect, and where you can complete a formalite arret 93. The hospital costs are also covered, so it is important to have this type of insurance. Both the insured persons and the dependents will have from these benefits. However, the insured person has to know the steps they must follow in order to get the healthcare benefits offered by the insurance, because other way they will have to pay the services by their own. The persons who are insured will get medicines supplied on prescription, and the social security system will cover a portion of the medicines they will buy. In addition, the hospital costs are covered by the French security system, including the fees for surgical and medical procedures, medication and examinations.

Maternity and paternity healthcare insurance

Healthcare coverage is offered in France to the women who are insured, but also to the daughter, daughter’s in law and spouses of the insured person. Once the pregnancy is confirmed the midwife or doctor will report it to the local healthcare fund. The healthcare insurance will offer paternity or maternity cover for pregnancy and delivery-related costs, but also cash benefits during the pre- and post-natal leaven. In addition, these benefits are offered in case of adoption. The person has to report the pregnancy before the 3rd month of the pregnancy in order to be entitled to prenatal care. The pre-natal examinations are covered 100% by the healthcare insurance. The system is quite complex, because it covers all the medical expenses, at a rate of 100%, from the sixth month of the pregnancy, until the twelfth day following birth. The father benefits from a paternity leave period of 11 consecutive days in case of the birth of 1 child, or 18 consecutive days in case of multiple birth. When it comes to adoption leave, the period is of 10 weeks in case of 1 child or 22 weeks in case of multiple children. In case the adopted child is the 3rd one in the household, then the period leave will be of 18 weeks.