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What you should know if you are involved in an accident as Uber passenger

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If there is a thing that has taken the world by storm lately, that is Uber. People find getting an Uber affordable, fast and reliable, and they prefer this mean of transportation instead of a taxi. People consider Uber drivers trustworthy, because the company checks the background of every one of them, and they have high standards. But no matter if you are driving your car or you take an Uber, accidents are something that happens. You may prefer to use this mean of transportation, because all you have to do is to order a car via your smartphone and in the majority of cases, you will pay less than if you would get a taxi. But if you are involved in an accident, then you should understand if you will be compensated and who is liable for it.

The driver can deny your claim

Uber drivers benefit from liability insurance from the company alongside with the one they carry for themselves. The extra coverage is necessary, because in the majority of situations the drivers deny the claims. Also their claims are not commercial, they purchase personal ones, and they do not cover the cases when the driver way driving the car in order to earn income. So, if you are a passenger and you are involved in an accident, you should ask for the assistance of an Uber accident lawyer, because they will know how to deal with this situation. They will help you get compensation in case you suffer injuries, and for the money, you pay to get treatment.

What you should do after the accident?

In case you suffer an accident, the first thing you have to do is to check if everyone is safe. Then you should call the police, because even if there are no apparent injuries and the damage may look to be minor, it is important the police to make a report to describe the accident. In case you will seek for compensation later, this will help you. In addition, you should make sure that the driver informs Uber that an accident happened. It is important to talk with a lawyer as soon as possible, to understand what your options are. You should get payment from the driver’s insurance company, from Uber and from the Uber’s extra coverage.

What do the Uber driver policies imply?

Uber is quite new on the market, and there is not exactly stated what happens in case of accident. So there are questions as “Who is liable for the accident?” “How will you get paid in case you are affected in an accident?” It is obligatory for the Uber drivers to have auto insurance, but these policies do not always protect them. So you should expect for the insurance company of the driver to search for reasons not to pay you. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you will have a successful claim, then you should hire a lawyer, because they have experience with these cases.