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When do you have to call a mould inspector?

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The majority of people do not have a mould testing on a regularly basis, because they consider that if they properly care their property they would not experience this type of problems. If you are one of the homeowners who does not test your house, you should pay attention to some signs, to be sure that you do not expose yourself to a fungus, which could deteriorate your health state. You should know that mould could affect both the inside and the outside of your house, because it also grows in outdoor spaces. Typically is found in basements, shower stalls, and behind kitchen furniture, but it could grow in other places too. Here are some cases when you should call a Mould inspector Toronto.

\You experience allergic symptoms

In case you notice that from a while you are having a problem with allergies, you should consider that there is a good chance you might have mould inside the walls of your house. Some of the common symptoms of an allergy are sore eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion or runny eyes. Some people tend to ignore the allergy symptoms, considering them flu signs, but when you experience flu for a long period, you should ask for the opinion of specialists and if they consider that you might suffer from an allergy, you should contact a mould testing company to evaluate your house. In addition, a sign of an allergy is if your symptoms worsen when you are inside a certain room or building.

Smelling a strange odour

Sometimes you do not see the mould, because it is hidden behind the furniture or walls, but you are able to notice a strange smell. Well, this is the sign that there might be some mould growth somewhere, and because you do not have the needed equipment to discover it, you should ask a specialist to come and test your house. You should do not ignore the mould smell, just because you cannot see the mould, because if you smell it, it is definitely spread on a large area.

Seeing mould

This is one of the situations, when you do not have doubts that there is a mould growth. In the majority of situations when homeowners notice mould they consider that they could remove it by themselves, but you should ask for a specialist to come and test it, to see what type of mould it is, and to remove it safely. You should also know that some homeowners ignore the mould, which appears on small areas, because they could be taken as dirt. You should know that small mould patches have the ability to rapidly spread around, and the issue is that they would not spread only in the area where they are growing now, but the spores might spread through air in other parts of the house. Mould becomes a huge problem in no time, and you should call the specialists in time, if you do not want to spend a lot of money not only on removing it but also on restoring the affected area.