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Why you should keep frozen seafood in your fridge at all times

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When storing food at your cabin, it is common to store lots of frozen foods to limit trips to the grocery store, which can be miles away.  If you’ve ever wondered what kind of frozen foods you should keep in your freezer, then you are in the exact right place to find the inspiration for your next shopping spree. Many people search for foods that can be stored in the fridge for long times and can also be tasteful and easy to prepare. Seafood is extremely popular, including the health benefits to the human body. People who consume seafood daily have encountered visible improvements in their health.

Besides reducing the risk of heart attacks by half, seafood is extremely reach in Omega-3 nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. If you’d like to eat seafood, you should know that crab, shrimp or tuna steaks are the most popular item that people enjoy keeping in the freezer and cooking every now and then (visit website to learn more about this topic).

Frozen seafood also serves as an emergency reserve if you are stranded in your cabin during a storm.

Recipes you can try

Since you are looking for meals that can be easily cooked right after you get them out of the fridge, here is a list of seafood ideas that can be prepared in 15-minutes:

  • Seafood spaghetti

With this recipe, you can get as creative as you desire. The ingredients include whatever seafood you desire.  You can add condiments like parsley, pepper, salt, garlic or any other type of spice that you might enjoy, some spaghetti, some wine and a little bit of olive oil for added flavor. After you’ve managed to gather all the ingredients, start preparing your meal: cook the spaghetti with salt, drain them and place the seafood you have in a pan, along with the spices and the olive oil. Cook them properly for 2-3 minutes and stir occasionally. The final step would be placing the cooked seafood on top of the spaghetti and pour yourself a glass of wine of your choice.

  • Ginger-Lime Salmon and King Crab Legs

You’ll need some salmon, the juice from two medium limes, ginger, olive oil and salt. Simply fry the salmon as you normally would, but add the lime juice half way through. Steam some Alaskan king crab legs to add to the dish.  Prepare the ginger and place the salmon and king crab on top of it. Serve this dish next to a salad and you are going to be amazed how delicious a 15-minute meal actually is.

Final thoughts

Even though you might believe frozen seafood is not a reliable option, find out that it actually is. Your home should always be prepared for any cravings you may have in the middle of the day, and you definitely need to be prepared to cook yourself a delicious dish right away.